SEKRET Final Report

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Annex on dissemination activities Progress Report March

3 Annex on dissemination activities Progress Report March





18-RemTech 2016





Sekret Final Workshop  Presentations 28 september 2017 Livorno
1 Pellegrini Ispra

2 Iannelli UniPI

3 Masi UniPI

4 Polettini UniRoma1

5 Neri WestSystems

7 Masciandaro CNR-ISE


Visit at the plant on 14 April 2015

Workshop SEKRET&Co.

Presentations from the workshop “SEKRET&Co.”, held on 14 April 2015 at Fortezza Vecchia in Livorno. Workshop SEKRET Co. Click on the title to download the .pdf file:

  1. Renato Iannelli (Università di Pisa): Il progetto Life SEKRET – Sediment electrokinetic remediation technology for heavy metal pollution removal
  2. Reinout Lageman (Lambda Consult, Nederland): Full scale applications of electrokinetic remediation technology
  3. Raffaella Pomi (Sapienza Università di Roma): Progetto SEKRET – Test di laboratorio per il progetto dell’impianto dimostrativo
  4. Simone Neri (West Systems): Progetto SEKRET – Progettazione e allestimento dell’impianto dimostrativo
  5. Grazia Masciandaro (ISE – CNR Pisa): Il progetto CLEANSED – Innovative integrated methodology for the use of decontaminated river sediments in plant nursing and road building
  6. Sara Dastoli (ISPRA): Il progetto Life COAST-BEST – CO-ordinated Approach for Sediment Treatment and BEneficial reuse in Small harbours neTworks
  7. Agostino Monorchio (Università di Pisa): Il progetto POR-CreO TOSCA – Trattamento on-site di sedimenti marini mediante campi elettromagnetici


Life+ event CNR

Dissemination of the event  “The Italian National esearch Council – CNR – and the LIFE projects: the common thread between research and technical innovation”POSTER EVENTO PisaInformaFlash


Kick off meeting

2014-01-14 16.12.21 2014-01-14 16.12.25 2014-01-14 16.14.21 2014-01-29 11.14.18 2014-01-29 11.14.48 2014-01-29 11.15.00 2014-01-29 11.15.07

26/03/2014 Tonight at 8:03 pm and tomorrow at 3:15pm and 9:20pm Telegranducato will broadcast a short documentary on  “The Italian National Research Council – CNR – and the LIFE projects: the common thread between research and technical innovation” event of March 25th 2014. The documentary will soon be available online. 25/03/2014 Pictures of the CNR Life+ Event  100_1184 - Copia 100_1188 - Copia 100_1189 - Copia 100_1193 100_1202 - Copia 100_1224 - Copia 100_1252 100_1287 IMG_0360

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1st Coordination meeting 15/07/2014

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Sediment ElectroKinetic REmediation Technology for heavy metal pollution removal

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