Actions and Means Involved

The SEKRET project will consist of different actions aimed at demonstrating that the innovative Electro- Kinetic Remediation (EKR) technology can effectively remove heavy metals from contaminated harbour dredged sediments from European ports. The innovative technology will be demonstrated in the Port of Livorno in order to prove the technical and financial feasibility of the project, as well as the environmental advantages compared to current management strategies (disposal in landfills and dumping at the open sea). The project will be realized at a pilot scale in a real port environment; it will demonstrate that dredged sediment with heavy metal and hydrocarbon concentrations over the agreed standards can be treated via EKR in order to reach full compliance. The main action will be the demonstration of the EKR technology by way of a demonstrative plant to be built in a dedicated area (500 m2 and already located in agreement with Livorno Port Authority) within the Port. A basin will be built (volume 150 m3, depth 1.5 m) contained within prefab reinforced concrete walls and sealed by a waterproof liner. The basin will be then filled with 150 m3 purposely dredged sediments. The facility will be equipped with interconnected grids of semi-permeable wells and pipes, metallic electrodes connected to a 15 kV transformer cabin (300 kW power). The anolyte and catholyte will be continuously circulated within the anodic and cathodic pipe grids. The water containing contaminants passes through the ion-permeable walls to the chambers containing the anodes and the cathodes; heavy metals enter the cathode chamber, while organic molecules enter the anode chamber. From here the water is removed for treatment and metal recovery. The main achievements will be the demonstration of the complete sediment decontamination from heavy metals pollution via EKR, and of the resolution of complex environmental issues related to dredged sediment management that has affected European ports for years.

Sediment ElectroKinetic REmediation Technology for heavy metal pollution removal

by Bliss Drive Review